Profollica Review

Profollica is a two-stage hair loss treatment system that helps men avoid baldness (androgenetic alopecia) and thinning of their hair. First, men take daily supplements with plant extracts, amino acids, proteins, nutrients and enzymes to reduce the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT, a hormone that can affect the level of testosterone in men) and re-run the hair follicles in the growth phase. In addition to the daily supplement, men can use Profollica Activator Gel with Trichogen® to block DHT and reverse hair loss.

Treatment of hair loss

Profollica is a treatment for men’s hair loss that helps prevent male alopecia when they start to notice thinning and/or falling hair. Although there is currently no special treatment for hair loss, hair loss products usually help. Profollica consists of a daily dietary supplement combined with a technogenic gel that affects the scalp both inside and outside the body.

Nourishing application for hair loss

BAAA “Profollika” was created to strengthen the body with natural extracts, amino acids, proteins, nutrients and enzymes that help reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone.

In addition, these natural ingredients can help keep the body healthy and better equipped to combat malnutrition, stress, depression, disease, etc., which can cause hair loss or thin in men. It works to promote healthy hair growth in hair follicles, as well as new growth in inactive hair follicles. Hair regeneration in these sleeping follicles can significantly increase the amount of hair growth in the scalp.

DHT blocker

Trichogen is a powerful blocking and conditioning agent of DHT. Helps block the 5-alpha reductase from binding to free testosterone. When these binders are formed, DHT is formed. It is known that this solution slows down the overall hair loss in men; increases the growth and recovery of hair in the parietal, occipital and frontal areas; improve the aesthetic quality of hair and scalp; and restores damaged hair follicles.

Natural ingredients

The natural ingredients of this product provide the hair follicles on the scalp with the necessary nutrients, accelerating the growth of new hair and improving the health of the hair and scalp. A number of B vitamins are present in the Profollica hair loss product. Each vitamin plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of other ingredients such as manganese gluconate, pantothenic acid, para-aminobenzene, folic acid, etc.

No prescription required

Unlike some competitors, Profollica does not require a prescription and can be ordered free of charge on the Internet by those who want to fight against male hair loss, thinning of hair and hair retreat.

Satisfaction guarantee

With a mission to help every man have a healthy head, Profollica has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the client tries to use the two-stage Profollica program and does not see any noticeable difference in hair or is dissatisfied with the results after 60 days, Profollica will return the empty bottles and reimburse the cost of the hair restoration procedure.

No known side effects

There are currently no side effects of Profollika’s medications. It is known that products for hair loss from Profollica competitors cause sexual dysfunction, scalp itching, redness, etc.